Training: Violence and threats in the workplace

Why is training on violence prevention and de-escalation worthwhile?

Directly at your company, SBIS teaches entire departments or individual employees in the areas of violence prevention and de-escalation. 

  • The participants recognize and prevent violence before it escalates.
  • In realistic exercise scenarios, the course participants experience various incidents of violence and threats in the workplace in a safe environment. Here it is shown how course participants can protect themselves in critical situations and thus increase their safety in everyday working life. 
  • The training courses are specifically adapted to the needs of the relevant department and bring to light the questions and fears of those affected.
  • Qualified instructors with several years of in-depth operational experience and social skills ensure targeted training with interactive training.

Who should attend?

  • All companies with customer contact, especially HR area, government agencies and large companies
  • Number of participants: Recommendation 5-15 participants per course

What is being done?

  • Scenarios depending on the needs of the company, which you give us as a customer in order. These can be, for example, situations in which customers have become abusive, threatened or insulted employees.
  • Theoretical basic knowledge about violence, threats and de-escalation.
  • Practical exercises based on the scenarios of the company. 
  • Evaluation, feedback and summary

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