What are safety officers and what are their tasks?

Safety officers are responsible for the development, implementation and monitoring of safety measures in a company or organization. The core tasks are the control over the implementation of measures and the review of standards and directives. Areas such as fire protection, occupational health and safety and security are included.
The following tasks also fall within the scope of activities as safety officers:

  • Identification of safety risks and hazards in the company
  • Collaboration with other departments and external partners to improve safety standards
  • Responsibility for the preparation of safety reports and statistical evaluations

What is the difference between safety officers and safety managers?

Safety Officer

Safety Officer

The different functions as safety officers

  1. safety officers as investigators of accidents and incidents: safety officers investigate accidents and incidents to determine the causes and take measures to prevent recurrence.
  2. safety officers as advisors to managers: safety officers advise the company's managers on safety issues and problems.
  3. safety officers as supervisors of safety regulations: safety officers monitor compliance with safety regulations and procedures and, if necessary, take measures to correct deviations.

The roles of safety officers & SiVe

Safety officers (control, inspection and consultation)

Security officers (planning, coordination and training)

What must safety officers do and observe?

On the one hand, laws such as the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Accident Insurance Act and the Environmental Protection Act must be complied with. On the other hand, there are purely economic reasons which make effective preventive measures a necessity. We support you in process creation, optimization and review.

Occupational safety / health protection

Industrial hygiene

Fire protection

Safety tours

Environmental protection & energy


Requirements specification

Process Management

How does SBIS support the safety officers and SiVe?

SBIS has broad expertise across a wide range of specialist areas affecting safety officers and SiVe. We can advise you holistically on all concerns - from mechanical engineering to construction. Our experts have many years of experience and can help your company design individual safety measures and recommendations.

Training for safety officers

Training for integral safety officers

Our safety officers courses

Recognition safety officers diplomas

Hazard analysis


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