Integral safety: The topics

SBIS - various topics of integral safety 

  • SBIS offers a wide range of topics in the entire lifecycle of integral safety.
  • In contrast to companies that specialize in only one sub-area, the Swiss Office for Integral Safety offers "everything from a single source" - including state-of-the-art safety technology and market-leading quality specialists.

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What is integral safety?

Integral safety is a thought process that begins with the management of a company or organization. In addition, there are framework conditions such as external influences, laws, standards and operational regulations. They influence all considerations, work and actions in the context of safety.

Once defined, the implementation of measures and plans can take place at the appropriate level, namely at the operational and conceptual level. This comes to life from the moment everyone identifies with it and makes their contribution. 

How is integral safety created?

In terms of security, security policy forms the core of integral safety. This core is encased by the strategy. At the strategic level, corporate management determines the security framework and decides which objects, organizational units and processes are relevant to security. This is where a company's security strategy is described. Different security areas are distinguished:

  • Security management
  • Occupational safety & health protection
  • Fire protection
  • Environmental protection and energy
  • Security