Fire safety audits: The most important things in a nutshell

  • Quality assurance must be ensured. With an external fire protection audit, quality assurance in fire protection can be ensured.
  • An external audit by experts is efficient and cost-optimized.
  • An independent assessment of fire protection quality is available.

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Why should/must a company deal with this?

According to the fire protection guidelines, quality must be ensured throughout the entire life cycle. Therefore, every company that has fire protection requirements has to deal with this.

Why is a fire safety audit needed?

There are several reasons for a fire safety audit:

  1. Legal requirements: Fire protection guidelines of the VKF
  2. Protection of employees, customers, visitors, patients: A functioning fire protection protects these groups of people.
  3. Preventing damage: A "lived" fire protection can help prevent damage. 

What do fire safety audits involve?

The scope of the fire safety audits is defined with the responsible persons of the organizations. If it is only a walk-through with the person responsible for fire protection, a detailed report is prepared with the necessary measures.

Who needs to deal with it?

All companies or organizations that have fire safety requirements must address this.

How does SBIS support?

For an independent judgment on the current fire protection, the experts of SBIS AG are the right partners. SBIS AG can provide your company with expert support in fire protection quality assurance.

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