Evacuation training for companies

Entrepreneurial considerations for evacuation

Employers are required to plan and implement measures to evacuate the company. As a company, give thought to the following areas:

  • Alerting employees
  • Reporting evacuation to the blue light organizations
  • Accessibility, marking and lighting escape and rescue routes
  • Accessibility, marking and lighting emergency exits
  • Assembly point for employees 
  • Locking regulation doors/gates
  • Responsibilities evacuation and emergency workers
  • Operational facilities and storage, stowage work equipment

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Legal basis evacuation

The VKF fire protection standard 12-15 specifies fire protection requirements for new buildings and conversions of buildings. Its purpose is to increase the safety of buildings in the event of fire and to facilitate the rescue of persons. According to point 6.3, the evacuation of persons affected by fire must be planned, recorded in writing and trained for buildings and facilities regularly occupied by persons who are unfamiliar with the area or incapable of judgement. Furthermore, the fire protection authority may order evacuation drills, e.g. in buildings and facilities with large occupancy rates, sales outlets or in high-rise buildings.

How we can support

Whether simple or complex organizations, we support you in various processes related to evacuation - whether in the field of evacuation exercise audit, evacuation exercise or evacuation planning.

  • Evacuation planning: We help in the preparation and support.
  • Evacuation exercise: We plan together with your responsible persons the exercise and carries it out on your behalf. Our team observes the entire evacuation and notes any difficulties and hazards that arise.
  • Evacuation Exercise Audit: You plan and carry out the exercise yourself, we accompany and observe you in the process and then report.