Training on how to deal with difficult people

Why is appropriate training worthwhile?

SBIS teaches entire departments or individual employees in terms of proper behavior during the interview as well as in the optimal interview preparation. 

  • In the training, participants experience what they can do and how self-protection can be ensured.
  • Qualified instructors with several years of in-depth operational experience and social skills ensure a targeted training with interactive training. 
  • The training sessions are specifically adapted to the needs of the relevant department and bring to light the questions and fears of those concerned. 
  • With what they have learned, employees can better protect themselves against negative influences and thereby increase their job satisfaction. 
  • Employees who know how to cope with difficult situations can work more effectively and thereby increase the productivity of the company.
  • Training can help employees to better satisfy difficult customers. This improves the relationship with customers and strengthens the reputation of your company.

For whom are the trainings suitable?

  • Supervisors and HR managers or generally people from all companies who conduct difficult employee and / or customer conversations.
  • Number of participants: Recommendation 5-12 participants per course

In the following situations, training is particularly well suited:

  • Employees of public authorities (eg municipality, canton, debt collection office, road traffic office, migration office, employment office or social welfare office), which have to cope with difficult customer conversations.
  • Schools in which the school management or teachers have challenging conversations with parents and / or students.
  • Employees in all areas with customer contact, for example, at the reception, at the reception or during meetings.
  • Call center, where employees must conduct difficult telephone conversations.
  • Companies, which must conduct difficult or delicate employee interviews, such as termination interviews.

What is learned?

The training includes theoretical as well as practical content. Depending on the industry, the content adapts.

  • Prior recognition of problems as well as initiation of measures
  • Preparation and behavior during a difficult / dangerous conversation
  • Behavior during a conversation as well as in an escalation

Further content could be, for example:

  • How are notices of termination opened?
  • How are various new measures implemented (cancellation residence permit, credit is not confirmed, social funds are paid too late)?
  • How are negative decisions opened?
  • How can complaints be received and handled?

What can the participants do afterwards?

  • Early recognition of aggressive and violent individuals
  • Knowing which measures to take when problematic employee conversations are suspected
  • Adaptive and de-escalating attitude to conversations
  • Recognizing the escalation levels

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