Construction site safety: the essentials in brief

Some of the most important aspects of construction site safety are:

  • Risk assessment:Before setting up a construction site, it is important to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment to identify potential sources of danger. 
  • Personal protective equipment: Employees on construction sites should always wear the appropriate personal protective equipment to protect themselves from injury. 
  • Construction site organization:A construction site is safer and more effective if the safety-relevant framework conditions and behavioral guidelines are defined in a construction site safety concept.
  • Training and safety briefings: All persons moving and working on a construction site must be instructed and trained in construction site safety. 
  • Construction machinery and equipment: Construction machinery and equipment should be maintained safely and properly. Checking the evidence of operational safety and maintenance intervals is part of the safety checks. 

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What is construction site safety?

Construction site safety aims to ensure the safety and health of people on the construction site. To do this, potential hazards are minimized or eliminated, risks are regularly assessed, and appropriate safety measures are taken to protect the construction site.

Why is construction site safety needed?

One of the main reasons for early planning and implementation of construction site safety is that construction sites are considered potentially hazardous work environments due to the many potential sources of danger. Employees, passers-by and other persons can be seriously injured or even lose their lives. Accidents, property damage and accidents can cause lasting damage to the construction project and the surrounding area.

Another important reason for construction site safety is compliance with legal regulations and obligations. If employers fail to comply with safety regulations, they can face penalties and other consequences.

In addition, implementing construction site safety measures can also help improve productivity and efficiency on the job site. When employees can work safely and not worry about their safety and materials, they tend to be more motivated and better able to focus on their work.

Who needs to deal with it?

Construction site safety affects all stakeholders involved in a construction project. These include:

  • Contractors and builders: Builders, planners and contractors are responsible for compliance with legal requirements and regulations relating to construction site safety. They must ensure that the construction site is safe and that all necessary measures are taken to prevent incidents, accidents with injuries and damage.
  • Construction managers and safety coordinators: Construction managers and safety coordinators are responsible for implementing construction site safety. They must ensure that the risks on the construction site are identified, documented and minimized. The training of employees and the monitoring of compliance with safety regulations also fall within their area of responsibility.
  • Companies and subcontractors: All employees of the companies involved in the construction, their subcontractors and suppliers must comply with the safety regulations.
  • Residents and passers-by: These people must be informed about the construction site and the possible sources of danger. The regulation of passenger and vehicle traffic to and from the construction site must be regulated.

How does SBIS support?

The SBIS has construction experienced employees, safety coordinators and safety officers with AS&GS and VKF recognition. We support you in:

  • Development of construction site safety concepts for any type of buildings and construction sites
  • Planning
  • Implementation

SBIS can draw on over decades of practical experience in the safety supervision of buildings and civil engineering. Be it in the chemical industry, hotel industry, sports buildings to the throat center or the waste incineration plant.  

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