Inspection: The most important things in a nutshell

  • The inspection provides an overview of the current situation and makes it possible to identify areas for action quickly and easily. These enable prioritization of the tasks at hand.  
  • With a safety or environmental walk-through, occupational safety and environmental specialists assess the degree of implementation with regard to the aspects of occupational safety, health protection, fire protection, industrial hygiene and environmental protection in your company.
  • The legislator requires companies to determine the hazards in their operations at regular intervals and take appropriate measures to protect employees and the environment.

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How does SBIS support?

We conduct an on-site inspection in your company or on construction sites. Relevant aspects are recorded and measures are suggested in case of deviations from legal or other requirements. You will receive a detailed report with a photo documentation, which can serve you as a planning, controlling as well as a verification document. 

Core points of the walk-through can be:

  • Waste management 
  • Work organization 
  • Stresses on the musculoskeletal system and ergonomics 
  • Stresses due to working environment conditions such as. Indoor climate, lighting 
  • Fire and explosion hazards 
  • Electrical hazards 
  • Health and environmentally hazardous substances: storage and handling 
  • Infrastructure and internal traffic 
  • Mechanical hazards 
  • Psychological stresses 
  • Special physical stresses such as.E.g. noise 
  • Fall hazards 
  • Technical facilities and equipment 
  • Thermal hazards

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You benefit from this

We show you weak points and potential for improvement by means of a plant or construction site tour. As an external party, we are able to take an independent perspective and thus identify hazards that may not have been recognized as such until now. 

We provide you with inputs for continuous improvement and prepare a written report for you that serves, among other things, as evidence for you vis-à-vis authorities, customers, employees, suppliers, investors and society.