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SBIS - integral safety for demanding clientele

  • SBIS is cultivated a holistic view of the security-relevant areas.
  • In contrast to companies that specialize in only one sub-area, the Swiss Office for Integral Security offers "everything from a single source" - including state-of-the-art security technology and manpower in market leader quality.
  • Integral safety officers of SBIS can take the lead for you in fire protection, as well as in occupational, property and personal security.

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What is integral safety?

Integral safety is first and foremost a thought process that begins in management.

Integral safety emerges when the essential issues are processed. Editing here means designing, planning, realizing, implementing and checking. All of this can be covered by the specialists at SBIS. 

How does SBIS go about this?

To develop a detailed catalog of measures, SBIS experts consider four interactive fields of action: 

  • Building measures (building conversion, erection of obstacles, review of building standards etc..)
  • Technical measures (alarm systems, video surveillance systems, extinguishing systems, etc.)
  • Organizational measures (review and definition of internal company security processes and organizational measures)
  • Personal measures (measures that are implemented by people)

You benefit from this

Tailored operational support is a key service in the SBIS portfolio. For example, security officers can ensure vacant security functions or supplement existing resources for the duration of a project. In doing so, we are either team players or team leaders, depending on your needs.

The specific development and implementation of security standards or security solutions such as "Business Continuity Management" (BCM) and "Disaster Recovery" are also among our strengths. 

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