Management & Controlling

Management and controlling: The most important in a nutshell

  • Integral Ensure security of organizations, systems and information: This is to protect reputation and minimize potential costs and damages from any kind of compromising events and security breaches.
  • Implementation of security measures:Implementation can include structural and technical measures (fencing, fire barriers, extinguishing systems, IT systems and access controls), but also organizational measures (training, process optimization and implementation of policies and procedures). 
  • Monitoring and control of security measures: This includes the implementation of security audits, the management of security incidents and the continuous monitoring and use of control processes.
  • Continuous improvement of security measures: Regular reviews of security policies and procedures, updating processes and systems, and applications. 

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Why is Management & Controlling needed?

Proper security management and control is necessary to ensure the security of organizations. In today's interconnected world, organizations are exposed to a wide range of hazards and threats, from accidents and physical attacks to insider crimes and cyberattacks.

Security management also involves managing security-related events, including responding to security breaches and recovering from normalcy after an event. It may also include employee training.

Security controlling ensures that the implementation of security measures is effective and appropriate. 

Who needs to deal with it?

Management and controlling are responsibilities whose implementation can be carried out by different people, depending on the size and structure of the organization. It is the task of management to take responsibility for security and ensure the implementation of security measures.

Execution responsibility can be delegated accordingly, for example to IT or operational maintenance. The implementation of security measures always requires cooperation and coordination between different departments and stakeholders.

How does SBIS support?

We provide the relevant technical expertise. In doing so, we have experience in various industries and institutions as well as the necessary competence. 

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