Safety concept: The most important in a nutshell

  • The integral safety concept serves the prevention of risks.
  • With a safety concept, the guidelines and objectives for the implementation of all legally owed and operationally conditioned partial protection aspects (fire, ASGS, EVAK, intrusion protection, etc.) are summarized.
  • All passive and active safety-relevant aspects are defined.

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What is the goal of the safety concept?

The goal of a safety concept is to avoid the probability of occurrence of an event that causes a disruption of operations. The extent of an event on the escalation level "incident" should be able to be handled with the operationally established means and processes. 

What are the components of a safety concept?

The integral safety concept summarizes all applicable requirements and defines the implementation guidelines. The organization and responsibilities are regulated. The required resources are known and the review cycle is determined. The basis is a comprehensive hazard portfolio and an up to three-stage risk analysis.

Further components are resources and tools that are used to identify safety issues and avoid or limit risks. These are technical, structural and organizational resources, including the functions to be staffed. 

How does SBIS support?

SBIS supports you in the creation, implementation and review of your security concept.

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