External fire safety officers: the most important facts in brief

  • External fire safety officers are persons who have been commissioned by a company or facility to monitor compliance with fire safety requirements. 
  • This includes inspecting facilities and equipment for fire safety deficiencies, monitoring compliance with laws and regulations, and advising the company or facility on necessary measures to avoid fire hazards. 
  • External fire safety officers usually have specialized training and experience in fire safety.

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Why is there a need for external fire safety officers?

There are several reasons why external fire safety officers are needed:

  1. Independence: External fire safety officers are independent of the operators of the plants or facilities and can therefore objectively and neutrally assess whether the fire safety requirements are met.
  2. Expertise: External fire safety officers usually have special training and experience in the field of fire protection and can therefore assess complex issues faster and more confidently.
  3. Regulation: Laws and regulations in the field of fire protection are often complex and constantly changing. External fire safety officers can help companies and facilities to meet these requirements and adapt to current regulations.

Who needs to deal with it?

Every company or organization with the quality assurance duty in fire protection should deal with it. In case of changes or mutations in the company, external assistance can be useful.

How does SBIS support?

Based on its broad experience in various industries, SBIS AG can support your company in quality assurance.

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