SBIS Safety Academy

Educational offer of the SBIS

With our SBIS Safety Academy we cover almost all areas of security-relevant topics for companies and organizations - from fire protection and first aid to occupational health and safety as well as de-escalation topics and assault training. 

Our offer is aimed at companies and organizations and thereby equally at managers, specialists, employees and security officers (safety officers).

The offer is built on five programs:

  • Safety training for companies at companies or organizations on site
  • Individual courses for individuals or groups at our training sites
  • Training and continuing education for safety officers (safety officers)
  • E-Learnings and webinars for safety officers or employees
  • Special training on request 

Security training for and at companies and organizations

Safety training for you and your employees.

We customize the training content to your needs and conduct our training courses throughout Switzerland in all national languages directly at your site. 

The SBIS helps all kinds of companies to raise their safety standards. The larger an operation, the greater the responsibility for safety to those in and around your business or organization. Operations, managers, safety professionals and employees all benefit from our training and education services.

Target group
Specialists as well as responsible managers, departments or the entire company

First aid, fire protection, various behavioral training, evacuation and special training on request

Place of implementation
At your site

Brochure Safety in the company
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Safety and security courses

The Academy for Safety of SBIS regularly conducts directly bookable standard courses for individuals or groups.

In addition to legal requirements, safety ensures the physical and mental health of your workforce and clientele. Your employees will be sensitized and prepared for critical situations through our training courses. 

Target group

  • Individuals
  • Groups
  • Safety officers
  • Safety managers

Occupational health and safety, first aid, fire protection, behavioral training and more.

Place of implementation
SBIS locations: Baden or St. Gallen

Brochure Course Program & Continuing Education
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Training and further education for safety officers

SBIS provides targeted support for safety officers (safety officers) in the exercise of their area of responsibility. 

In addition to standard courses, the Academy for Safety trains safety officers with specific basic and advanced training.

For specialists, such as safety officers, KOPAS or SiVe, an extensive range of courses is available at our main location in Baden-Dättwil and now also in St. Gallen.

E-learning and webinars

You want to continue your education independent of time and location or enrich classroom instruction with virtual training methods? Our webinars and e-learnings are designed for just that.

By default, you will find content on first aid, emergency behavior and firefighting.

We are also happy to put together a customized e-learning program on the topic of your choice 

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Individual safety training on request

In addition to our standard offerings, we also train on specific security topics. 

We offer individual educational programs tailored to you and your company.

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Plannable and budgetable multi-year program

Training and further education are a permanent topic. Often decisions are made from year to year, which usually leads to a very high effort, uncoordinated course structures and additional costs. 

We create a training concept for you with which you can buy the necessary training from year to year flexible and modular.

The strategy is determined once and the budget fixed. The employees concerned will be trained in a targeted manner, safety throughout the company will be steadily increased and the
legal requirements will be met.

You will thus receive a multi-year program that can be planned and budgeted.

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