Why should I do that?

During the exercise, a 1:1 evacuation is carried out together with the company evacuation officers. Our team observes the entire evacuation and notes any difficulties or hazards that arise. The advantages of the evacuation exercise for companies are:

  • Your journey is omitted, as the training takes place at your premises.
  • Afterwards, an observation report is prepared, which documents the process and the hazards that arose and shows areas for action.
  • The course participants are sensitized to the topic of evacuation and their own behavior during an evacuation is analyzed.
  • The evacuation exercise is expandable with other scenarios (eg first aid, smoke, etc.).
  • At each exercise, trained observers are on site, which report findings and assess the process.
  • You recognize weaknesses and can optimize procedures and processes.
  • Through trained employees, your company meets the legal requirements.

Who takes part?

  • Participants: Total operation / organization
  • Number of participants: variable
  • Duration: approx. 45 minutes on site (evacuation plus short debriefing / information)

How is the exercise structured?

Exercise with announcement

  • Chance for prior reactivation of the processes
  • Check whether procedures, processes and resources are known
  • Alarming with appropriate means in the object
  • 1:1 procedure of evacuation

Exercise without announcement (surprise)

  • Analogous as with announcement, procedure takes place but under more stress
  • Extendable with scenarios
  • Attention: Increased risk of accident

What is the goal?

  • Gain experience and get to know the evacuation process
  • Find out possible mistakes in your own actions and optimize processes
  • Profit from an efficient practical overall exercise
  • Get to know the assembly point

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